If you don’t want your battery/batteries to look like this...

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  • Don’t let your alternator(s) charge your battery/batteries if they are low. That’s way too much current for charging. Put them on a charger at approximately 10 amps per battery. Also use a battery charger with an automatic setting and leave it on for as long as you can. Alternators are meant to maintain batteries, not charge them

  • Don’t charge your battery/batteries with a trickle charger unless you’re putting the car up for the winter. It’ll take months for a trickle charger to do anything. It should be called a trickle maintainer... because it will never "charge" anything. They are meant to keep batteries from parasitic drain when our car is in storage

  • Don’t let your battery/batteries sit for extended periods of time discharged. Always try and keep them on a float charger. The longer they sit dead the less charge they will hold

  • Never charge your battery/batteries at a higher voltage then they are designed for. People wanting charging voltage in the mid to high 15's are just asking for it


  • AGM's are meant to charge at 13.3 to 14.8.