• Be sure to charge your battery/batteries overnight and have each battery load tested individually prior to installing your new Iraggi Alternator - This will ensure that you do not have any weak or bad batteries which may damage your new Iraggi Alternator


  • After charging, each battery should rest between 12.75 and 13.10 volts after sitting OFF the charger overnight - Do not test batteries directly after charging!


  • If any of the batteries are below the specified voltages, they either need to be replaced or charged longer


  • It is normal for a battery to get warm when charging but not HOT! - Batteries that get hot while charging are usually bad and can ruin your new Iraggi Alternator


  • Do not play your stereo system for longer than a few minutes without the vehicle’s engine running - Discharged batteries will overwork and overheat your new Iraggi Alternator


  • Alternators are meant to run the vehicle’s electrical system and maintain the battery - Alternators are NOT battery chargers!