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Do you rebuild other manufacturers alternators?

We do not rebuild other manufacturers because we would only use the housing. We use all custom parts to build our alternators & by the time you pay for shipping & the parts you’re not really saving more than $15-$20. It's really not a good use of our time or your money when you can get a brand new one with the Lifetime Warranty & benefits for same amount it would cost for us to rebuild your stock alternator

Do you recommend self-exciting?

We never recommend self-exciting, they are known to not turn on & off correctly at times. If you are wanting a different plug than factory we would recommend a 4PIN GM plug. You can run as many batteries as you want as long as they are fully charged & you don't rely on the alternator to "Charge" them after being heavily drained, like playing for a long period of time like at a show. Drained or bad batteries are #1 cause of alternator failure

Why do you recommend a smaller belt if the alternator is direct-bolt on?

Our pulley size is 1.625 - The reason we recommend a Gates brand belt that is 1/2 to 3/4" shorter than factory is because our pulley is a little smaller than factory. You may experience squeaking. You do not have to get one right away, but if you hear any squeaking that is more than likely the reason and why you should get a smaller belt

Do you sell brackets?

We do not sale brackets, but we use Jimmy Zukaska to get all of our brackets from. He is great! Tell him Iraggi sent you. Here is how to reach him: https://www.facebook.com/jimmy.zukauska

Why do you not recommend isolators?

We never recommend any type of isolator because if you need one you probably have your system configured incorrectly. If you need a more detail explanation you can message Dom directly at m.me/iraggialternatordominic

Do you do external regulators?

We never recommend external regulators because most of them are not any good, so we recommend the XS Power VCM, which is used in conjunction with our internal regulator. We can do external if that is what you really want however

What is a Non-Direct Bolt On?

We can build a custom 320 amp non-direct bolt on for any vehicle, and the housing would be very close to your factory housing, but you may need to make modifications, possibly make a small bracket or use different nuts/bolts. We can't tell you the exact modifications that may be needed without having your vehicle in front of us for exact measurements, we wouldn't feel right about that, but we do custom builds all the time and all that is needed is your basic mechanical skills most of the time & you should all set! Like I said the housing would be close to your factory housing but modification may or may not be needed

Can I contact someone about alt issue without filling out a form?

We have two ways for you to contact us: The quickest is to contact Melissa Jones directly EMAIL: melissa@iraggialternator.com FB DM: m.me/melissajones You can also contact Dominick directly, but the reply may be delayed EMAIL: dominick@iraggialternator.com FB DM: m.me/dominickalternatoriraggi

What other benefits does Iraggi offer?

  • We have a Competitor Trade in Program where will give you credit for the alternator you trade in to put towards a new Iraggi Alternator. We do not accept Amazon or Ebay alternators or Excessive Amperage hairpins. The alternator does not even have to be functionable!
  • We have a friend referral program, if you refer a friend and he/she purchases and Iraggi Alternator you will receive a $25 credit for anything Iraggi produces, never expires!
  • We offer a 10% discount for military, current or retired
  • If it is your birthday on the day that you order, or at least the week that you order, we will give you a 10% birthday discount!
  • Also all our alternators include the Warranty Transfer Option, so if you ever sell/gift your Iraggi Alternator the new owner can transfer all the benefits into his/her name