If you change vehicles you can trade your current Iraggi Alternator for a new alternator of equal or lesser value to fit your new vehicle & retains the same Lifetime Warranty & benefits! You pay only $99 + shipping!

If trading to a more expensive alternator than purchased, you only pay for the difference in value at the current pricing levels.  For Example: if you trade in an alternator that is $599, & upgrade to one that is $629, just pay the difference of $30 for the amperage upgrade, $99 trade-in fee & shipping! The alternator being returned for trade-in must be fully functional, not modified in any way & in acceptable, typical used condition. If the alternator is nonfunctional or has been modified, any repair/replacement costs are added to the Trade-In fee. Acceptable used conditions are caused by normal & appropriate use & care of your alternator. No grinding, drilling holes or physical damage can be present.

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With the purchase of your Lifetime Warranty, you can choose any two colors of your choice from our standard and/or custom color gallery. We have over 300 color & design options to choose from! Or tell us what you had in mind & we'll do our best! Metallic, pearl, anodize, hammered and more! View our Facebook color gallery to help you choose the and get creative with your new alternators color scheme! ​VIEW GALLERY!




If you sell or gift your Iraggi Alternator the new owner can transfer the original lifetime warranty for a fee of $99. He/She will need to fill out the warranty transfer ticket at the time of purchase or when he/she receives the alternator. We will not accept requests for repairs & the warranty transfer ticket on the same day. Warranty must be in the new owners' name for a minimum of 7 days to be eligible for warranty services. The original owner is responsible for warranty repairs prior to transferring ownership. The new owner will also receive special pricing for standard color services, which includes new brushes & bearings for only $89! ($159 value) 



Iraggi will repair or replace the customers' alternator is found to be defective due to materials or craftsmanship under normal use. Customer is responsible for the removal and installation of the alternator for warranty services

WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER: Visually melted windings or rectifiers and obvious physical damage caused due to misuse. Warranty is only for the purchase of alternators and does not apply to any other products purchased from Iraggi Alternator. Warranty will be null and void if your alternator has been modified, disassembled or serviced in any way by someone other than Iraggi Alternator


The ONLY time Iraggi Alternator will issue a refund to a customer is if the customer provided all the correct information for his/her vehicle and the alternator does not fit and was sold as a DIRECT BOLT ON. If a customer is on a payment plan and for any reason no longer needs an alternator, we will keep the amount paid applied to the customers account as a credit to be used for anything Iraggi Alternator produces/sells.


We do NOT provide refunds for ANY non-direct bolt-on units for any reason. These units are not exact fits and customers will always be advised that modifications may be needed.