• Our "Lifetime Warranty" is a Lifetime Warranty, it covers all parts, labor and shipping. The only things it does not cover are melted rectifiers/windings, & damage caused by improper shipping by the customer & of course obvious physical damage from abuse (like trying to take your pulley off with a tire iron).                                      

  • When you purchase an Iraggi Alternator. It comes with our exclusive Trade-In Program, where if you would ever change vehicles. Just send in your alternator & we'll build you a new one for your new vehicle, with all the same benefits, for only $99 + shipping. (see trade-in program page)

  • Our price includes any having Color/Design that you want. We have 100s' of color options & Custom Designs. You can choose the color(s) for your front housing, back housing, rotor & pulley! We can also send you examples of any colors that you want to view!

  • Also all our alternators include the Warranty Transfer Option, so if you ever sell/gift your Iraggi Alternator the new owner can transfer all the benefits into their name.