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  •  The ONLY time Iraggi Alternator will issue a refund to a customer is if the customer provided all the correct information for his/her vehicle & the alternator does not fit & was sold as a DIRECT BOLT-ON and we are unable to replace the alternator with the correct fitment

  • If a customer is on a payment plan & for any reason no longer needs an alternator, we'll keep the amount paid applied to the customer's account as a credit to be used for anything Iraggi Alternator produces/sell. 

  •  We do NOT provide refunds for ANY non-direct Bolt-On units for any reason. These units are not exact fits & customers will always be advised that modifications may be needed. 

Please understand that we preorder parts & other items in preparation of completing your build, so we have already invested financially into your order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. You can either keep your original order, or place a different order using the money that you have already paid. Speak to our Account Director for more info: EMAIL HERE

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