When your alternator gets hot it does not technically "Lose" any amperage, it just changes its design in a way

A list of the benefits & drawbacks of running "higher voltage than normal" (15.0+ "Higher Voltage")

Here's a quick tutorial on how to connect a very simple piece of equipment - the XS Power "VCM"

Let's talk about installing your new alternator! Free PDF download available too!

"How do I get my voltage up?" This is a question we get asked all the time..let's list out the scenarios

Don’t let your alternator(s) charge your battery/batteries if they are low. That’s way too much current for charging

The all time top 5 high output alternator attributes pitched. Share what you think with us on our Facebook!

Its next to impossible to ACCURATELY test your alternator whilst on the vehicle, but let's outline a procedure of how you can come close with handheld tools & little patience

"At what voltage do batteries start to produce current when an alternator is charging at 14.5?"

It doesn't seem like it should be a complex question, but there really IS a lot going on & a lot to explain about the phenomenon & why it happens