If you change vehicles you can trade your current Iraggi Alternator for a new alternator of equal or lesser value to fit your new vehicle & retains the same Lifetime Warranty & benefits!


You pay only $99 + shipping!

If trading to a more expensive alternator than purchased, you only pay for the difference in value at the current pricing levels.  For Example: if you trade in an alternator that is $599, & upgrade to one that is $629, just pay the difference of $30 for the amperage upgrade, $99 trade-in fee & shipping! 


The alternator being returned for trade-in must be fully functional, not modified in any way & in acceptable, typical used condition. If the alternator is nonfunctional or has been modified, any repair/replacement costs are added to the Trade-In fee. Acceptable used conditions are caused by normal & appropriate use & care of your alternator. No grinding, drilling holes or physical damage can be present.

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